Non sto quindi a Napoli sicura di casa. Conference in Memory of Fabrizia Ramondino (1936-2008)

 15 e 16 gennaio 2010
University of London

The death of Fabrizia Ramondino in June 2008 deprived Italy of one of its most interesting writers and of a sharp observer and commentator of the cultural and political changes Italy has undergone in the past fifty years.
After an intense experience of social commitment and political militancy in Naples in the 1970s, Fabrizia Ramondino devoted herself to writing and has left a varied corpus of works which includes and crosses the boundaries between poetry, novels, plays, travelogues, memoirs, confession, self-reflection, anthropological, cultural and linguistic comment. 

Between the publication of her first and last novels, Althenópis (1981) and La Via (2008), Ramondino continued to probe the question of identity and its foundations in language, family, class, history, geography and the environment. Gender remained an important focus of her work throughout her career.

Organizers: Adalgisa Giorgio (University of Bath,, with Eliana Maestri (Universities of Bath and Oxford)
Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing and the University of Bath with the participation of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici (Naples), the Fondazione Premio Napoli (Naples), and the Gender & Sexuality Research Network (University of Bath) 


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