Lettera aperta di protesta per la morte di Giulio Regeni


Care  colleghe e amiche,

Vi scrivo in questi giorni per me e per molti di noi di un dolore indicibile, per chiedervi se potreste considerare di sottoscrivere la lettera che Maha Abderrahman, supervisor di Giulio Regeni a Cambridge, e Anne Alexander, esperta di movimenti sociali in Egitto, hanno scritto alle autorità egiziane. Abbiamo già raccolto 6000 firme, di cui circa 600 di accademici italiani, ma prima di consegnarla al The Guardian (domani) ci piacerebbe raccogliere anche le vostre.
Di seguito trovate, nell’ordine

1-  Il link ad Effimera, che ha pubblicato la traduzione italiana della lettera

2- La versione in inglese

3- Il link attraverso il quale potrete firmare.

Vi pregherei anche di fare circolare con urgenza attraverso i vostri canali nazionali e internazionali e invitare personalmente più colleghi possibile a sottoscrivere.

Un caro saluto, con la speranza di sentirvi in tempi migliori



 To be offered to The Guardian and to Italian newspapers for publication and sent to the Egyptian authorities via the embassies in London and Rome

As members of the wider academic community of which Giulio Regeni was a part, we were deeply saddened to learn of his death. Our community has been enriched by his presence. We are diminished by the loss of a young researcher whose work tackled questions which are vitally important to our understanding of contemporary Egyptian society. Our thoughts go out first of all to his family and friends at this acutely painful moment.

We are appalled to hear prosecutors in Egypt report that there were extensive signs of torture on his body. Those of us who knew of Giulio’s disappearance before the discovery of his body were desperately concerned for his safety because he vanished in the midst of a security campaign which has resulted in mass arbitrary arrests, a dramatic increase in reports of torture within police stations, and other cases of disappearances, according to documentation by local and international human rights organisations. While we welcome the statement by Egyptian Ambassador to Italy, Amr Helmy, that the Egyptian authorities will fully investigate Giulio’s death, we note that according to Amnesty International, bodies reporting to the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior and the Egyptian Ministry of Defence routinely practice the same kinds of torture that Giulio is reported to have suffered against hundreds of Egyptian citizens each year.

We therefore call on the Egyptian authorities to cooperate with an independent and impartial investigation into all instances of forced disappearances, cases of torture and deaths in detention during January and February 2016, alongside any ongoing investigations by criminal prosecutors into Giulio’s death, in order that those responsible for these crimes can be identified and brought to justice.

Dr Anne Alexander (University of Cambridge) Dr Maha Abdelrahman (University of Cambridge)

Please add your name using the link below, any queries about the open letter should be sent to justiceforgiulio@gmail.com . In order to verify your name for publication we may contact you to confirm your signature. All signatures are in a personal capacity and institutional affiliations are noted for information only.


Dr. Lucia Sorbera
Senior Lecturer – Arabic, Islamic and Middle East Studies
Department of Arabic Language and Cultures
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Rm 738, Brennan McCallum Building A18
The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia

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